Dad's Brooklyn Toys - Montessori Kids

Parent-Approved Development

Dad’s Brooklyn combines the scientifically-proven Montessori Method educational approach with the latest toy technology. Our carefully curated children’s puzzles safely improve your child’s physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Our Educational Toy Framework


Our toys are designed to involve as many senses as possible to stimulate motor and cognitive development. Through play, our toys inspire creativity, productivity and joy.

Learning Through Play

We design and test each product to ensure our toys promote creativity thinking, learning and curiosity while boosting color recognition, sorting skills and motor skills.


Our educational toys invite children to conduct their own experiences. The thoughtful design of each toy contributes to heightened curiosity, self-esteem and learning.

Start With Dad's Brooklyn

The first three years of a child’s life are crucial in brain development. Our expertly designed toys are designed to keep your child active and engaged, while providing piece of mind through sustainably forested wood, non-toxic inks and safety certified for babies.


Dad’s Brooklyn Montessori toys for babies and toddlers provide the ultimate learning experience. Designed for children aged 0-5, our learning puzzles promote fine motor skills, logical thinking, color recognition, sorting skills, motor skills and much more!


Our deep cut-out puzzle is patented, as it creates a safer environment for toddlers while learning. Expertly designed and tested, our innovative puzzle has gaps, cutouts and shields optimized for learning and reducing the possibility for injury.


We are committed to our children and preserving the environment. Our toys are made with premium-quality materials, such as New Zealand natural pine wood and water-based paint. Our products are non-toxic, eco-friendly and child-safe.