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Animal shaped learning puzzles

Montessori Toy

Our educational toy for early education is the perfect addition to your child's toy collection! This learning puzzle helps increase hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, sorting skills, motor skills, creative thinking and more!


Our wooden educational toys are only made using high-quality materials. Made with natural pine wood and water-based paint, this learning puzzle is non-toxic and features smooth surfaces.

6 or 8 piece options

Our animal shaped puzzles are designed for children's imagination. They will love the bright colors and smooth surfaces. It is also lightweight, making it the perfect travel companion!


Durable and made to last for years of play, this toy is perfect for children aged from six months to five years old. This toy is also a perfect eductional gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter and more!

Frequently asked questions

Made of 100% natural wood and non-toxic water based paint, our learning puzzles have smooth surfaces and do not have any sharp edges to keep your kids safe.

Yes, our animal shaped puzzles come with a complementary bag that is lightweight and durable, making clean up and travel a breeze.

Yes each animal learning puzzle is individually wrapped!

Made of high quality 100% wood, our puzzle pieces can withstand even the toughest play time sessions for years to come!

Each piece is designed to be large and thick enough so children have no risk of swallowing.

Yes! Our animal shaped learning puzzles are very suitable for toddlers, as an introductory learning tool. 

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